Team and Organizational Development

Hively supports the internal development of your organization through individual and team coaching. This can include strengthening leadership capacity, refining inter-team or intra-team dynamics and optimizing infrastructure, including systems and processes.


Retreats, Workshops,
and Trainings 

We design and facilitate retreats, workshops, and trainings of any size on any topic. This can be for a stand-alone event or can be paired with other team and organizational development services. We can provide just the facilitation services or manage the entire event planning process.


NGO Coordination Body Support

Hively works with NGO coordination bodies in the field to develop their organizational structure, establish core functions and processes and identify a strong initial work agenda. Whether setting up an NGO coordination body for the first time or improving operations of an existing one, we help get the most out of NGO collective potential.


Aid Worker Peer Coaching

We offer peer support to aid workers in need of compassionate, informed advice. Whether you are currently in the field, contemplating your next steps or reintegrating back into 'normal' life, we understand the particular challenges aid workers face. Give us a call to chat it out.


Humanitarian Access and Negotiations

Hively supports organizations in the development and implementation of humanitarian access strategies, with a focus on conducting access negotiations. This can include the development of an entire strategy or a focus on specific components, including actor mapping, context analysis, support to ongoing negotiations, in-house access trainings and reviews of existing strategies.


Security Risk Management Frameworks

For organizations managing global operations, Hively helps clients develop and implement security management frameworks that effectively manage risks affecting your staff, property and programs. This includes working with clients to map, develop and modify internal security culture, developing or reviewing policies and guidelines, and implementation activities such as creating local security plans and internal trainings.


Advocacy, Communications and Humanitarian Diplomacy

Hively designs effective strategies for advocacy and communications, including external representation or humanitarian diplomacy. We help our clients develop these internal capacities, by creating new strategies, reviewing and refining existing efforts and integrating these activities into their programming. Humanitarian diplomacy support can include design of outreach strategies, network and relationship management coaching and external representation support.


Research and Analysis

We conduct small scale research projects using mixed methods in-house. Projects can include topical research to support on programmatic or organizational decision making to research on internal topics. For the management of larger research projects, we collaborate with Humanitarian Outcomes.


Contact Us

If your team is facing a particular challenge that you don’t see in our list of services, please contact us to discuss how our individualized support can boost your work. To protect the confidentiality of our clients, we do not publish a list of clients or projects, but are always happy to give examples of recent work during an initial consultation. If you have any questions, please be in touch.