Emergency Trauma Response to the Mosul Offensive, 2016: A Review of Issues and Challenges | March 2018

Authors: Hosanna Fox, Abby Stoddard and Adele Harmer.

Commissioned by MSF, published by by Humanitarian Outcomes

Author and lead researcher of a report looking at the UN and non-UN health responses that were part of the humanitarian operations responding to the crisis in Mosul following military operations in 2016.


Study on the Role of the Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator | September 2017

Lead researcher and author: Hosanna Fox

Commissioned and published by ICVA

Author and lead researcher of a report on the role of the Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator within the humanitarian coordination system, which examines the perceived added value of this role from a range of stakeholder perspectives.


Stay and Deliver, Five Years On | June 2017

Authors: Ashley Jackson and Steve Zyck

Commissioned by UN OCHA and the Jindal School of International Affairs, conducted by Humanitarian Outcomes

Conducted field research in Central African Republic for the follow up study to the 2011 report “Stay and Deliver: To Stay and Deliver: Good practice for humanitarians in complex security environments”, which examined how humanitarian organisations maintain effective operations in insecure environments.


“Civil Society Engagement in Humanitarian Diplomacy” | 2016

Human Rights and Humanitarian Diplomacy by Kelly-Kate Pease

Textbook sidebar describing humanitarian advocacy and communications strategies that successfully engaged local actors in Nigeria.


Better not just bigger: reflections on the humanitarian response in South Sudan | October 2015

Authors: Viren Falcao and Hosanna Fox

Humanitarian Exchange (Overseas Development Institute)

Co-authored article reflecting on humanitarian practice in South Sudan after nearly two years of civil war.